Delivery of license keys completed

Today we have finished delivering the keys to everyone who left their mail to participate in open testing.

Delivery took longer than expected. This is due to the fact that as new problems were discovered, we stopped the mailing list and resumed it along with the release of updates.

Starting on December 7 with the release version 0.8.0, we have released 5 updated versions. Version 0.8.5 is already available today. The scale and speed of change in it impresses even ourselves. The browser is updated automatically — for this it is enough to re-login to the account.

We are also continuing to phase in the natural substitution work modules for mass use.

As we move towards the Beta version, the Alpha test continues. If you didn’t have time to leave your mail within the agreed time, but you really want to participate in testing, write to support, we will consider the possibility of issuing a key individually.

For the convenience of monitoring improvements, we have added a new section “Version History” (in the “Help Center”) to the program, where all the necessary information about updates is collected in one place — if you sent us your feedback and pointed out problems, you will probably see them there in the form of already solved problems. And if they have not yet been resolved, then we continue to work on them right now.

Thanks for the great interest, attention and feedback to everyone who helps us improve the product! You are ❤️‍🔥

Feedback is always welcome (we never DM first!):




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